Based in Croydon, we are an educational organisation teaching our students how to develop cake decorating and baking skills.  

We are fully vetted teaching experts with a wealth of teaching experience, we teach you not just the technicalities of the baking and culinary arts, but also how to turn your passion or hobby into a business, if that's what you want to do. We also run kiddie classes and parties, for tomorrow's entrepreneurs, celebrity bakers and patisserie chefs in the making... 


We are committed to discipline, professionalism and positive results, we firmly believe that everyone can learn and enjoy the art of cake decorating and baking.

Let's introduce ourselves

Colette E (Founder/Teacher)

A fully qualified teacher who has taught in a variety of educational institutions in Croydon, Sutton and Lewisham.  Colette studied at the local Adult Education (CALAT) college where she obtained distinctions in the ABC cake decorating accreditation.  In her final year, she also won an Outstanding Achievement award at the college in recognition of her work. 


At the end of her studies, she was head hunted and worked for CALAT where she taught accredited and non-accredited cake courses until the closures in 2015. Colette also went on to graduate from University Centre Croydon where she completed her post grad Diploma in Education. 

Colette is passionate about all things cake and has won a variety of awards at Cake International she also runs a cake business called Double-Take Cakes











Colette was also selected to appear on BBC1 show, demonstrating how to decorate cakes.  Watch a snippet of the programme below, Right on the Money.

As a teacher, Colette, over the years, has encouraged, inspired and supported students to start up their own businesses and many have been successful in setting up their cake shops/bakeries and/or cake supplies.

Karina A Head of Baking Operations

Karina is an experienced baker and cake decorator, as well as Urban Cake Republic's Head of Baking. 


Karina has been baking for over 20 years and has taught here and in the United States, her Art and Design background greatly influences her creative and experimental style of baking. 


A particular area of interest is specialist cakes using and creating unique flavor combinations. 


Passionate about all things baking, cakes and breads, sweets and savouries Karina joined UCR to share her passion with their students. 


Janet (Teacher)


A fully qualified Patisserie Chef and one of Urban Cake Republic’s assistant chefs.


After obtaining a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Patisserie & Confectionery, Janet has produced cakes for a range of occasions including birthdays, competitions and professional events over the last few years.


Her passion for cake and sugar craft artistry has been influenced by her  experience of working within many areas of the creative industry. 

Janet principally joined Urban Cake Republic to share her skills and knowledge of the world of cakes, and provide examples of how to be as adventurous and auspicious as possible with food artistry.

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relieving stress

Baking and cake decorating is known to reduce anxiety, stress and is therapeutic, it improves concentration levels and invariably produces positive tangible results.  Many of our students use our classes to escape from the rigours of every day life using this opportunity to focus on an enjoyable pastime, to make friends, and more importantly, obtain 'me' time, gaining pride, skill and confidence in their creative accomplishments.  Baking classes can bring families closer. 


Bonding across a piece of fondant between siblings, or parents and children is not unknown to us.  Check out this article from Goodnet summarising five good .reasons why baking is good for mental health.

Black family having fun prepare bakery t

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